Best Sleep Routine Practices  

Turns out a set bedtime routine is not just for children. Any routine can be either helpful or hurtful to the human body. Going through the motions of a bedtime routine can help to trigger your body into knowing it is time to settle down for the evening and relax.  

Most adults tend to have a tough time getting to sleep every night. We have so many outside factors such as cell phones, TV, as well as our thoughts running through our heads every night, that we are often restless until exhaustion or sleep aids kick in. What are some good and easy solutions to work into your bedtime routine? 

First, start off by putting down your phone an hour before bed. This one might prove to be most difficult with how reliant we have become on our phones. The blue light from the screen though keeps your mind active longer and tricks you into thinking it is still daytime out. 

Prepping your bedroom can be an easy task to follow. Some blackout curtains, no lights on in your room, and a cool environment (60 – 71 Fahrenheit) is a good temperature.  

Another great addition to your bedtime routine could be a variety of relaxation routines. Journaling, meditation, stretching, and light reading are all great ways to help you to unwind from the day and start settling down for the night.

These are just some great starts to diverse ways you can create a beneficial sleep routine. Let us know in the comments below if you plan to add any of these in!  



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